Our team members have led the preparation of numerous NEPA and CEQA-compliant documents for wind power, geothermal, hydroelectric, and coal-fired generation, as well as transmission and substation facilities. Our team has prepared technical Resource Reports and Proponent’s Environmental Assessments for submittal to Public Utilities Commissions and government Agencies. Of particular note, Dr. Dan Tormey has managed over a dozen projects with Southern California Edison and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in response to California’s decision to deregulate the electric generation industry in the State.

Dr. Tormey is a leader in the oil and gas industry, with over 25 years of experience working with local and national oil and gas operators. For the past decade, under Dr. Tormey’s leadership, our team has assisted operators with environmental regulatory compliance in all matters of day-to-day field operations, including stormwater sampling, groundwater monitoring, biological and paleontological surveys, permitting and reporting. We have conducted environmental constraints analysis of potential new or expanded field operations to optimize site selection and minimize environmental impacts. We have also prepared innovative management plans to beneficially reuse produced water in the U.S. and Australia.

Our team of experts are industry-leaders in issues associated with hydraulic fracturing, having conducted the first-ever and only peer-reviewed analysis of the effects of hydraulic fracturing on over a dozen environmental resources areas. The study led to work with the Union of Concerned Scientists, work as a peer reviewer on the California Center for Science and Technology report on hydraulic fracturing (pursuant to Senate Bill 4), and speaking as a distinguished lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers.


  •  Acquisition and Divestiture Analysis
  •  Phase 1 Site Assessments
  •  Risk Analysis

  •  Soil Sampling
  •  Laboratory Data Validation and Quality Analysis
  •  Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments
  •  Agency Coordination and Reporting

  •  NEPA
  •  CEQA/Other State-Equivalent NEPA Programs
  •  Local and Regional Agency Approvals
  •  Endangered Species Act Consultation
  •  Mitigation Planning
  •  Economic Analysis

  •  Litigation Support
  •  Expert Testimony
  •  Technical Advisory Roles
  •  Strategic Regulatory Analysis
  •  Environmental Constraints Analyses



“As always, thank you so much for all of your knowledge, assistance, great guidance and calmness in getting us ready over the past year to get through the hearing yesterday. I have learned so much from you and I thank you immensely.”


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