Our team of certified land use planners and project managers are experts in California Environmental Quality Act and National Environmental Policy Act analyses and environmental permitting We work with our clients and regulatory agencies to determine the appropriate level of analysis, develop an accurate project description and purpose-and-need statement, identify a reasonable range of alternatives, and analyze potential environmental impacts to produce defensible compliance documents.

We offer the full suite of technical services and for those projects that require expertise in a specific technical discipline, Catalyst maintains partnership agreements with premier firms in air quality, cultural resources, and biological resources. While we offer a wide range of professional services, we also practice the concept that the environmental consulting community is a tool box and through teaming arrangements, Catalyst can provide the best team for the job.  

We regularly examine land use compatibility of various activities within existing regulatory frameworks and work with our clients to develop materials to assist in community outreach related to compatibility issues. Having worked for a diverse client base that includes agencies, utilities, companies, and tribes, our consultants are practiced in both the applicant-side and third-party formats. Recently, we assisted PacifiCorp with permitting an array of communication towers across Oregon to comply with NERC’s service reliability standards.

The Catalyst risk and liability practice includes experienced engineers and geologists who have prepared and implemented remedial action plans for clean-up of contaminated areas. We work with clients and regulators to ensure that lands are suitable for proposed development and receive appropriate regulatory closure. Our team works on projects cradle-to-grave, from the initial Phase I environmental site assessment, to site sampling, to development of the remedial action plan, through oversight of the construction contractor during site remediation and confirmation sampling to receive the closure certificate.


  •  Acquisition and Divestiture Analysis
  •  Phase 1 Site Assessments
  •  Risk Analysis

  •  Soil Sampling
  •  Laboratory Data Validation and Quality Analysis
  •  Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments
  •  Remediation
  •  Feasibility Studies and Constraints Analysis
  •  Remedial Action Plans
  •  Site Delineation and Characterization
  •  Agency Coordination and Reporting

  •  NEPA/CEQA/Other State-Equivalent NEPA Programs
  •  Local and Regional Agency Coordination and Approvals
  •  Endangered Species Act Consultation
  •  Mitigation Planning
  •  Economic Analysis

  •  Litigation Support
  •  Expert Testimony
  •  Technical Advisory Roles
  •  Strategic Regulatory Analysis
  •  Constraints Analyses



"In brief, my team and I have been very satisfied with the work you and your team have performed in assisting OSM in preparing the EIS for the large, complex, and controversial Four Corners Power Plant & Navajo Mine Energy Project (FCPP/NMEP). Particularly noteworthy has been the job you have performed as the project manager of the consultant team.  Your ability to communicate, both verbally and in written form, along with your clear understanding of all technical portions and concepts of the EIS, has been exemplary.  In my 35 + years of experience I have come upon many who claimed to be NEPA experts but very (very) few who actually could demonstrate that they were indeed NEPA experts.  You are are one of those very very few."

Spotlight on our Project Experience