Water Resources

We provide permitting and compliance solutions to our clients with regard to water resources including development of permit packages for 404 permits, 401 Water Quality certifications, Waste Discharge Reports and Streambed Alteration Agreements, coordination with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, assistance with project design to minimize impacts, and potential design mitigation projects, as needed.

We prepare stormwater sampling programs in compliance with complex Industrial NPDES permits and conduct stormwater sampling, analysis and reporting. We work with our clients to identify solutions to discharge of known contaminants through best Management Practices. Our team also develops and implements large scale groundwater monitoring programs.

Catalyst’s geologists and engineers conduct geomorphological and fluvial analyses including annual monitoring to evaluate potential changes in the river systems related to land use. We have analyzed potential impacts of dam relicensing and dam removal on downstream water quality and geomorphology on the Klamath River.

Environmental Services

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  •  NEPA/CEQA/Other State-Equivalent NEPA Programs
  •  Local and Regional Agency Approvals
  •  Clean Water Act Permitting: 404 Permits, 401 Water Quality Certifications
  •  Waste Discharge Reports
  •  NPDES Permitting, Sampling/Monitoring and Reporting
  •  CDFW 1600 Streambed Alteration Agreements
  •  Hydroelectric Relicensing and Decommissioning
  •  FERC Dam Security Assessments
  •  316a and 316b Impingement and Entrainment Permitting
  •  Expert Services
  •  Underground Injection Control Strategy, Aquifer Exemptions
  •  Litigation Support
  •  Expert Testimony
  •  Technical Advisory Roles
  •  Strategic Regulatory Analysis
  •  Constraints analyses

  •  Groundwater Monitoring Programs
  •  Geomorphic Analysis
  •  Sediment Transport Analysis
  •  Stormwater and Surface water Sampling Programs
  •  Laboratory Data Validation and Quality Analysis



“Dan, as I mentioned on Tuesday we really appreciate your time and the expert advice that you have dedicated to our operation. We are still a small explorer and the number of issues that confront us can, at times, seem almost overwhelming.

As you are by now aware, the coal seam gas industry in Australia and New South Wales in particular, is subject to a quite extraordinary range of attacks from opponents. The most controversial area relates to management of waste water and impact on aquifers. This has resulted in very high level of attention from the state government regulatory authorities and there have been numerous demands for technical detail that would not normally be required for our level of exploration activity. The support that [you have] provided us over the last twelve months has been critical in enabling us to satisfactorily respond to these demands…

Your experience with similar developments in the US and your ability to put the risks into relatively easy concepts has also been very useful in local meetings and, while it is probably not in your job description, you have been a very useful “media” star for our area of operations in the north coast area.”


Spotlight on our Project Experience